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Meet Introhive, Your AI-Powered
Competitive Advantage

Introhive is an AI powered platform that leverages data automation and relationship intelligence to give sales and business development professionals time back in their week, improving productivity, increasing revenue and further reduces a businesses’ operational costs.

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Eliminate mundane data entry and save 5.5+ hours per week using contact and activity sync from email to CRM

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Grow your database 5-10X, while mapping relationships and who knows who across your business network

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Cleanse CRM data to increase database accuracy
and completeness of information
up to 90%+

Sync More Information to CRM for Sales & Service Teams

Do away with manual data entry and focus on what matters. While CRMs have gone to great lengths to reduce data entry, Introhive has all but eliminated it, resulting in cleaner, more comprehensive and more powerful data.

Identify “Who Knows Who” Across Your Company

Introhive analyzes all of your organization’s relationships and maps them together. This leads to internal collaboration on key accounts and warm introductions that accelerate the business development and sales process.

Equip Your Teams with Pre-Meeting Insights & Intelligence

Every business needs to unlock new opportunities and protect key accounts. Introhive’s AI powered platform and relationship scoring algorithm helps you do both. Relationship reporting empowers you to stay on top of all your company’s key contacts and accounts.

Recent Articles from Introhive

Cleanse, AI-Powered Contact Quality Management for B2B

Keeping contact information up-to-date within a customer relationship management (CRM) system is difficult — especially for customer-facing staff. Not only are these employees strapped for time — they are often unaware of departures and physical moves their contacts have made. This causes discrepancies in CRM data quality, leading to bigger troubles down the line.

Managing data often requires staffing a team dedicated solely to data stewardship, which requires a significant investment in people and time resources. Organizations seem to have two choices: either staff a data stewardship team to constantly work in a reactive cycle to outpace data decay and…

3 Key Differences Between Relationship Maps and Graphs

In an age of dwindling consumer trust, relationships not only still matter—they’re foundational to setting yourself apart from the competition. It’s no wonder organizations of all types and sizes are looking to optimize how they get a handle on and make use of their organization’s relationship capital. 

What is relationship capital? At Introhive, we define it as the sum of all of the relationships of all of the people within your company and its extended business network. These can be relationships with employees, board members, clients, intermediaries, partners, suppliers, as well as with your alumni, ex-employees, and industry leaders.

Get Over the Top 3 Hurdles to Technology Buy-In

Technology adoption is a challenge for nearly every industry. Indeed, for most professional services firms, introducing new technology to your organization can be more difficult than the technical implementation itself. If you’ve ever heard the phases, “but this is how we’ve always done it” or “if it’s not broken, why fix it?” you’re not alone.

This resistance to improvement is not surprising when you realize more than half of organizations don’t have a clear digital business vision or strategy.

Even though you know strong digital strategies and robust technology adoption are some of your best chances to get ahead…