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Focus on the market, not data entry

Give agents and brokers more time to spend on what matters most, building stronger client relationships. Introhive’s AI-powered platform helps commercial real estate firms empower brokers and agents with a solution to visualize client and prospect engagement, visualize new business development opportunities and automate manual, time consuming data entry process.

Sync Data to CRM

One-click data sync to CRM from email, other systems

Relationship Mapping Syncing Data Into CRM Icon

See who knows who, and how well, across your total network

Pre Meeting Intelligence Report Introhive

Save research time with automated pre-meeting prep emails

Relationship Intelligence and data enrichment

Access always accurate data on the go via mobile apps

Winning Advantages for Every Team

Enhance visibility into the essential relationships that move the needle

Sales & Business Development Teams
Equip inside and field sales teams with the data they need to sell more, faster

Reach the right audience with smart, relationship-centric marketing lists for targeted campaigns

Operations & IT
Break free from unreliable manual data entry with intelligent automation


Unlock the power of relationships
for your firms brokers

Commercial Real Estate Firm’s today need a faster way to understand who knows who across their business network. Wasting time sending cold emails searching for relationships across the firm isn’t a productive use of time.

Additionally, data that is being tracked is either siloed in different business systems, is not up-to-date or contact information is being maintained in spreadsheets. Without visibility into these relationships it is hard for firms to stay competitive.

Introhive automates the process of bringing together relationship intelligence for brokers and firms.  Mundane data entry and information cleansing is managed automatically in CRM and business development, marketing, and client service teams are empowered with relationship intelligence to drive more new business, cross-selling or up selling into accounts.

Introhive relationship intelligence and CRM automation platform
Colliers International Introhive Case Study

Colliers International in Canada generates 300% more relationships in Microsoft Dynamics across the firms’ 500+ brokers using Introhive’s relationship intelligence and CRM automation platform

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